Consumer Complaints

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I hereby confirm that:
I have afforded the member (Credit Bureau, Credit Provider, Debt Counsellor or Payment Distribution Agent) of the Credit Ombud (Hereinafter called the "CO") an opportunity to resolve my complaint within a 20 business days period, before submitting this application to the Credit Ombud.
My complaint is not the subject of any legal proceedings. If I have consulted an attorney, it has merely been to take legal advice or to ask for assistance in drafting my complaint.
My complaint has not been dealt with by or is not the subject of proceedings before a court, tribunal, dispute-resolving body/arbitration or a Regulator.
I acknowledge that should my complaint be referred to or become the subject of proceedings before a court, tribunal, other ombudsman, arbitrator or Regulator, the Credit Ombud reserves the right to withdraw from the process.
I have applied to the CO for assistance because
My complaint was still not resolved by the (Credit Bureau or Credit Provider, Debt Counsellor or Payment Distribution Agent) after the required 20 business day period.
The member (Credit Bureau or Credit Provider, Debt Counsellor or Payment Distribution Agent) rejected my complaint and I am unhappy with the result.
Rules and undertaking
  1. My current complaint is/was not subject to legal proceedings before a court, tribunal other Ombud or Regulator;
  2. The CO has absolute discretion to accept or summarily dismiss my complaint if:
    1. I fail to provide all requested information timeously or at all;
    2. I become abusive, insulting or obtrusive towards the CO or its staff (the CO will in its absolute discretion, determine whether or not I am abusive, insulting or obtrusive);
    3. I publish details of my complaint in any form of media which is detrimental to the investigation process;
    4. I submit untrue/fraudulent information;
    5. I am informed that my complaint does not fall within its jurisdiction.
  3. I acknowledge that the investigation process is lengthy and with no specific time frame for resolution of my complaint, I indemnify the CO against any loss, liability and damages arising out of failure or delay in the finalization of the complaint;
  4. The CO's office will advise me in writing and/or telephonically of the progress of my complaint. Your call may be recorded for training or monitoring purposes;
  5. I acknowledge that any finding of the CO shall not be binding on me. I further acknowledge that I cannot appeal the CO's final decision, however I may seek alternative remedies to resolve my complaint;
  6. Neither my authorised representative nor I, shall subpoena the CO or call for discovery of documents;
  7. I authorize and consent for the Credit Bureau or Credit Provider to disclose to the CO any information, including my credit profile where relevant, to investigate my complaint;
  8. The information herein provided is to the best of my knowledge, true and correct.
  9. I have read, understood and accepted the terms and conditions/guidelines.
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